Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mothers Hope

Today i have my old patient a case of mentally challenge and scoliosis.She was able to walk but not in the normal pattern..,due to the bad and worsening scoliosis she undergone operation and since then she can't walk..When i saw her in my clinic 5 month ago i still remember the tears of the mother and unexplained sadness as she can't walk anymore..but what i look there is potential and with aggressive therapy session by my therapist the light seem to be brighter..and with continous pray and support by the family now during the clinic session i found she can walk with a walking frame.....Now the tears of joy and the smile seen in her mother face.Moral of the story for parents with special children we need to support our children,motivate them and continous pray and hope..Istiqamah is the best for sure Allah will heard us.I belief in surah Al Insyirah (kelapangan) as Allah promise us selepas kesusahan datang kesenangan,selepas kesusahan datang kelapangan..Belief in Allah and with good work Insyallah....

mama Luqman

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