Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Party

Today is Sunday and my neighbour ,invited my family for a birthday party.The place is KFC extreme park, a new place.Luqman was so excited as the music is loud and all the song will make him shake his body.He behave well and eat the nugget..very comfortable sitting while watching the other children dancing,jumping following the music.
Each birthday party that i bring luqman along ,for sure make me sad..he just can't behave as the other children despite adequate physical look.That is autism ,sometimes people never understand on their condition as they look well..but on the second thought i thank Allah for what Luqman have as he is well.... only the behaviour and speech issues.
Now luqman attended behaviour therapy 3x weekly and hoping there will be positive outcome.
May Allah help me n my son.

mama luqman

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