Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to do!!

It has been a long time that i stop writing in this blog,maybe too busy..thats life of a doctor.On top of helping patient during the day,family is the priority...then you also need to update knowledge.Patients nowadays is not like 10 years ago,today the patient will ask very details infact bring along the internet updates,and patient is very conscious on every drug that is given...It is good but the difficulty is for doctors as we must be ready with all the answers...Ha,ha,ha, maybe i choose this field so i should just keep quiet.For my daughter later on need to think twicwe before yo choose to be a doctor...
I just wanted to share my sympathy to a friend ,she has just completed her gazettement in my hospital and there is still post for her in HKL but the Ministry Of Health are sending her to Kota Baru..She need to leave her 3 kids temporarily with her in laws and husband .She need to survive alone temporarily before she decide to bring along all the kids .
I guess all doctors are train to be strong..but when it come to family .I feel like crying seing her tears for almost every day..If this happen to me i cant imagine what will happen especially to my special son.To the top person they can only say what to do! you can resign if you like.Therefore now the doctors is joining the private sectors ...on top of better pay ,you still have your family around..although you are tired but the smile of your kids that you can see everyday will light up your day.

Mama Luqman