Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hi today is our Merdeka Day and all Malysian should be proud of this day.But shouting,dancing and yelling among youngsters and school children is not should come from your inner soul,inner heart to realise what merdeka is all about.While typing this blog on air is the Bahtera Merdeka song ...very touchy and lovely music but do all the young generation knows about this song..I bet only 20% infact my daughter will only laugh to this old genre song.
It is not easy to understand Merdeka...when i am young, merdeka is just a fun day..kereta berhias ,perbarisan...and bunga api but now i realised merdeka is not for the country only but we as Malaysian citizen to merdeka our lifestyle,our dependency to outsiders and our dependency on orang putih technology.We are Malaysian ,we should be proud with our own identity ,our own technology and our own invention.
This remind me to my experience as a doctor

..during my undergraduate my Medical Degree is from USM..this is a very nice university infact it represent 1 malaysia.. i dont have much difficulty although my 1st 2 years in USM Penang followed by next 4 years in HUSM Kubang Kerian Kelantan.Such a wonderful place very peaceful and the competition among students is not that much....

But during my Master years in University Malaya it is very tough ..competition is very hard and tough must be independent and struggle to get your way.Your mind must be merdeka if not many of my friends failed in this battle.

Now as a specialist practising new field in medicine which is rehabilitation medicine is also a battle for me .. i have been to several countries for attachment just to merdeka my mind on the limitation that i have here.Adaptation need to be done as our country health system is different from them...our manpower is inadequate in term of numbers and knowledge therefore we need to Merdeka our mind and think our own way but maintain the quality.Infact think of the better way comparing the Australian way.....Merdeka is so broad..

just that i hope in future all malaysian mentality will Merdeka..I am still sad if others specialist will compare my way and the Australian way ...Dont their mind understand Merdeka or they dont even know what merdeka is all about.


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