Saturday, September 26, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

This year raya.. 2009 is my hometown Teluk Intan turn to celebrate Hari Raya..All my children very happy to meet their atok n opah intan...I manage to get release on Friday at least to spend 1 or 2 days fasting in my hometown...No place will ever change your feelings to your hometown..I am very proud that i was born in a least i am able to breath a pure clean and fresh air for at least 20 years .Rather than suffering from air polution causing respiratory distress in a city that i am facing least Shah Alam is not as bad as KL...
But surprisingly my hometown Teluk Intan now undergoing transformation..there is giant...Sushi King,old town white coffee and traffic congestion..Who will go to such place in Teluk Intan or maybe my hometown people are richer now that they can afford the city food..But if the same population during my old days that is low n medium income group is it necessary to bring all this modenisation ..or rather we should just be proud with our Mastan Ghani,Ghulam Rasul.
Dalam kerendahan hati ada ketinggian budi
Dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa
Dalam kelembutan lidah ada keterlanjuran kata
Dalam gurau senda tenda ada khilaf dan dosa
mama luqman sekeluarga

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My daughter Merdeka Day

Today is the 3rd day and the last day for my daughter UPSR exam.This also mean starting tomorrow i will be working and stuck in traffic jam..HKL to Shah Alam..almost 1-2 hour every day...
Anyway for my daughter and her all her friends a big smile on their face ..most of them will say Merdeka Auntie,Merdeka...yes they are ...but UPSR is just a beginning of a long journey.For Person like me until this level ...exams already neutralised my heart more palpitation more incontinence..Possible next 2 years i will start my PhD or subspecialising in disabled children...but exams is still exams and to get flying colours there is only one study smart not hard.

mama luqman

Monday, September 7, 2009

Exam UPSR fever

While writing this page my daughter NurSyakeerah already in deep sleep as tomorrow is her UPSR day.This is my first experience with daughter facing such a big year will be Nur Nabilah turn..Despite my busy clinic my boss already promise to give me off for this 3 days as i have requested since Mei this year....I cant remember during my old Penilaian Darjah Lima days ,but i guess at that moment parents are not that excited as today...because most of my friend is in the same boat taking 3 days off to give moral support to their children.For sure tomorrow when i sent my daughter,it is not only full of children to sit for exam but the anxious parents .
But it is a great feeling...knowing your children already grown up and next year they will enter secondary school.It also reminds me on my age as i am no more young.
Yet as a mother to a special son,my special boy will always be the up most in my thought..what will be his this moment he is still dependent on someone for toileting and his speech is not develop...But i will never give up for my special son and i believe Allah will hear my doa's and maybe one day my special son will be able to sit for UPSR exam.Insyallah

mama luqman

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hi today is our Merdeka Day and all Malysian should be proud of this day.But shouting,dancing and yelling among youngsters and school children is not should come from your inner soul,inner heart to realise what merdeka is all about.While typing this blog on air is the Bahtera Merdeka song ...very touchy and lovely music but do all the young generation knows about this song..I bet only 20% infact my daughter will only laugh to this old genre song.
It is not easy to understand Merdeka...when i am young, merdeka is just a fun day..kereta berhias ,perbarisan...and bunga api but now i realised merdeka is not for the country only but we as Malaysian citizen to merdeka our lifestyle,our dependency to outsiders and our dependency on orang putih technology.We are Malaysian ,we should be proud with our own identity ,our own technology and our own invention.
This remind me to my experience as a doctor

..during my undergraduate my Medical Degree is from USM..this is a very nice university infact it represent 1 malaysia.. i dont have much difficulty although my 1st 2 years in USM Penang followed by next 4 years in HUSM Kubang Kerian Kelantan.Such a wonderful place very peaceful and the competition among students is not that much....

But during my Master years in University Malaya it is very tough ..competition is very hard and tough must be independent and struggle to get your way.Your mind must be merdeka if not many of my friends failed in this battle.

Now as a specialist practising new field in medicine which is rehabilitation medicine is also a battle for me .. i have been to several countries for attachment just to merdeka my mind on the limitation that i have here.Adaptation need to be done as our country health system is different from them...our manpower is inadequate in term of numbers and knowledge therefore we need to Merdeka our mind and think our own way but maintain the quality.Infact think of the better way comparing the Australian way.....Merdeka is so broad..

just that i hope in future all malaysian mentality will Merdeka..I am still sad if others specialist will compare my way and the Australian way ...Dont their mind understand Merdeka or they dont even know what merdeka is all about.


mama luqman

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to do!!

It has been a long time that i stop writing in this blog,maybe too busy..thats life of a doctor.On top of helping patient during the day,family is the priority...then you also need to update knowledge.Patients nowadays is not like 10 years ago,today the patient will ask very details infact bring along the internet updates,and patient is very conscious on every drug that is given...It is good but the difficulty is for doctors as we must be ready with all the answers...Ha,ha,ha, maybe i choose this field so i should just keep quiet.For my daughter later on need to think twicwe before yo choose to be a doctor...
I just wanted to share my sympathy to a friend ,she has just completed her gazettement in my hospital and there is still post for her in HKL but the Ministry Of Health are sending her to Kota Baru..She need to leave her 3 kids temporarily with her in laws and husband .She need to survive alone temporarily before she decide to bring along all the kids .
I guess all doctors are train to be strong..but when it come to family .I feel like crying seing her tears for almost every day..If this happen to me i cant imagine what will happen especially to my special son.To the top person they can only say what to do! you can resign if you like.Therefore now the doctors is joining the private sectors ...on top of better pay ,you still have your family around..although you are tired but the smile of your kids that you can see everyday will light up your day.

Mama Luqman

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pandemic H1N1

Sudden blow of infectious diseases occur in Malaysia...from the worldwide Virus meningitis and now leptospirosis...Why this occur? Maybe due to the hot weather lately...but the most important is about hygiene...But if you are talking about pig as the vector this pandemic have show to us why pig are not allowed for muslim...Hygiene ..our religion taught us on cleanliness.Prevention from spreading of disease our culture has taught us to respect others in situation such as sneezing or coughing in public....

Moral of the story that i want to share..the beauty of our religion has warned us on the need of hygiene and cleanliness ..and avoiding food/touching certain animals such as pig.But we are the one still deaf and blind.Hopefully with all that happen we start to realize how proud we are to be Muslim .

mama luqman

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doctor's Life

If you ask me ..being a doctor is a correct choice of occupation my answer will be yes once upon a time but not now..for the past 15 years having DR title in front of my name there is so much differences.During previous years patient is more polite ,very minimal questions and respect you for your advice and knowledge but now with "customer always right" being a doctor is so have to entertain patient with no appointment once they threatened you..complain will be publish in news papers..the thrill and patience,the joy and happiness being a doctor to give a helping hand fade away. Now you just want to be a doctor for the end of the day you are paid accordingly ..Partly it is a frustration for someone like me..
Does people out there know what is a life of a doctors..seeing patient in the clinic, ward round ,on call and your family...additional burden is like me traveling from shah alam to HKL and having a special son...\Despite being clinician we are managing the department ....
But i do hope people can understand ..we as doctors are human ,especially during this recession the high income start searching for government hospital and there goes never ending problems and complains.. .

mama luqman

Friday, March 13, 2009

My special son circumcision day

I choose a day after Maulidur Rasul 10/3/09 for my son circumcision day.This is done in private hospital under general anesthesia.if you ask me how much including a night stay ..more then 3k luckily covered by my husband GL or if we need to pay only 50%.
Today is the 4th day post circumcision but still the wound not that good..I have difficulty dressing luqman as he will kick me and slapped my maid.However with antibiotic i hope he will recover soon.The stitch is still intact and that is good.... Luqman is my only son and this is my first experience to look after circumcision boy..i took leave for 1 week and hopefully by next week he will be ok.

mama luqman

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denial stage in Depression

It has been a long time not writing in this blog.As this is my personal blog and no publicity except to my close friends and family members so it is not so important.Today my parents visited me together with my other siblings...I just wanted to share about the questions being ask to me sister claim her friends daughter had delay in speech ,age 5 and no diagnosis being made...I have similar feelings like this before, to accept that you have disabled children in the family is not easy..i use to remember my father say he cried almost every night knowing my" kak Yang "unable to walk anymore...and i still remember the old days my father will bring my sister for treatment either modern medicine or alternative....Accepting something bad is usually difficult especially it is most likely life long but someone must have a strength to face reality of life or not they will ended up to depression.....grief are common to everybody but the acceptence in every individual is so start with denial that is unable to accept followed by anger why me? why us then acceptance but the duration of each phase varies ...Alhamdulillah the grief phase in my life are not soo long maybe because i deal with most of the disabled patient . i accept what Allah has given me as i belief there must be hikmah in everything my aim now is the future of my son to make him functional as possible so he will be independent without burdening anybody,may ALLAH help me and be with me to face this journey insyaALLAH.....
Belief in AlQuran Surah Al Insyirah_selepas kesusahan datang kesenangan

Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing in autism

How To Teach Writing To A Child Suffering From Autism
A child with autism is often described as being confined in his or her own world. This is because the child has limited ability to interact with other people. A part of the autistic spectrum is the inability to properly grasp the concept of language. Teaching writing to a child with autism can prove very valuable to both the teacher and the student. In the side of the student there are a variety of advantages that he or she can gain from the ability to write.
You give the child the precious ability of interacting when teaching writing to a child with autism. This is a better way because face to face verbal interaction is just too intimidating for autistic children making them often unable to communicate with other people. However, writing allows them to express their feelings on a much more impersonal level.
Now-a-days, as you may have seen computers are being used to enhance the communication skills of autistic children. Teaching writing to a child with autism would help him or her with the knowledge necessary to improve his or her communication skills. One reason is that teaching writing to a child with autism helps him or her initiate the interaction.
Teaching writing to a child with autism does not only help him or her in developing communication skills. It also helps them to develop hand-eye coordination and grace in movement. Many people react with disbelief when informed of this fact. However, when you study the history of specific cultures you will see the meaning behind this.
Miyamoto Musashi, also known in Japan as the sword saint, developed his swordsmanship through calligraphy. In fact, when you study Chinese martial arts history, you will find that many warriors took up calligraphy in order to improve their skill. And what do you think calligraphy is? It is learning how to write beautifully.
Let’s now go to the side of the teacher. What advantages can teaching writing to a child with autism possibly give to the teacher?
Well, there is always self fulfillment. Abraham Maslow places the need for self actualization as the highest need that a man can fulfill. This means that the quest for self fulfillment is the noblest quest known to man. In teaching writing to a child with autism, people find self fulfillment because they learn how to take pride in the achievements of the student.
They realize just how much impact teaching writing to a child with autism has. They learn the value of their help and just how much progress they have made with the child. They also learn how to appreciate their own abilities.
Because of the development of technology, many people forget the value of being able to write. They reason out that they do not really need the skill since they can send any message using the keyboard. The skill of writing is especially declining today because people can choose to send messages using video or audio messages. Teaching writing to a child with autism lets them rediscover the value of being able to write.
As you may have seen, there are a lot of advantages to be gained from teaching writing to a child with autism. Just by doing this small task of helping another human being, you give and you gain so much. And that, my friend, is that.

Things To Remenber While Teaching Child With Autism
Teaching a child with autism is a challenge for most people, especially for parents who have not yet accepted the condition of their child or have not been informed on the things that need to be done in order to ensure the good education of their special child…
Autism is a mental disability that attacks the ability of the child to move, communicate, think, and feel normally. Knowing these would enable parents as well as other people involved in teaching the child with the right guidelines on the proper way on how to educate autistic child.
Here are the factors to consider when teaching a child with autism:
Instructional Formats or Curriculum – There is no single and general effect of autism. Different children suffering from the same disorder happen to have different conditions. Each requires a special instructional format or curriculum to be applied. Thus, the way of teaching is not based on autism itself but the effects it has brought to the child.
However, there are general instructional formats or curricula that can be given to every autistic child. The difference is only on the approach of teaching.
Communication concerns – The way instructions are given to children with autism should not be the same with the normal students. Since autistic children have difficulties on understanding things verbally and could not communicate well verbally, instructions should be given in a different way. The classroom should then be equipped with things that would enable children to learn even without verbal instructions. Visual activities are better ways to communicate with special children. Instructions and rules, outside the curriculum that need to learn and understand should be given in the way the children could understand most. The main point is to communicate properly and effectively.
Age – Autistic children may have the same physical age may have different mental age. Knowing the mental age of the child is would provide easier learning process for both the child and the teacher or parents.
For young autistic children, parents must apply the early intervention program that would enable the child to be guided correctly in terms of discipline, motor skills, and communication. This must be done as soon as you discovered that your child is suffering from autism.
Meanwhile, instruction for elementary students may include ways on how to integrate with other people or making friends. In other words, autistic children should be trained to be sociable in this period of learning.Autistic children in their high school years must learn how to integrate not only with other people but also with the whole community. How to work, live, participle and recreate with other people is very important to learn in this stage.
Behavioral factors – Autistic children need to be guided with how they behave to themselves and to other people. This is because they are especially passive or have developed destructive or excessive behaviors. If before, the approach to change this behavior is by punishment, today, the approach given is by positive behavior support or the PBS. This approach treats the children with dignity and respect that would not only improve their self-worth but also improve their behavior dramatically without using cruelty. Special children need affection and care. This approach can answer these needs.


we are Malaysian

Today i was shocked with the political situation in Perak.I love my hometown and very proud of Perak.The Sultan for me is the most educated amongst the other state.I am sad how can a malay man,muslim man and leader (ex MB) can derhaka to the leader .I remember my old days memorising the "rukunegara " till now it seems to be burried deep in my soul..kepercayan kepada Tuhan,KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA ....In fact if you look at the education for disabled son also dance each time negaraku and stand straight as possible during rukunegara.......what happen to our nationality ..arent we proud to be muslim and malay and have Sultan ...sad ,sad ,sad...something need to be done to make us realised that Malaysian is a muslim and Malays is the majority ..Sultan as pemerintah harus ditaati...We should be proud as Malaysian.

mama luqman

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mothers Hope

Today i have my old patient a case of mentally challenge and scoliosis.She was able to walk but not in the normal pattern..,due to the bad and worsening scoliosis she undergone operation and since then she can't walk..When i saw her in my clinic 5 month ago i still remember the tears of the mother and unexplained sadness as she can't walk anymore..but what i look there is potential and with aggressive therapy session by my therapist the light seem to be brighter..and with continous pray and support by the family now during the clinic session i found she can walk with a walking frame.....Now the tears of joy and the smile seen in her mother face.Moral of the story for parents with special children we need to support our children,motivate them and continous pray and hope..Istiqamah is the best for sure Allah will heard us.I belief in surah Al Insyirah (kelapangan) as Allah promise us selepas kesusahan datang kesenangan,selepas kesusahan datang kelapangan..Belief in Allah and with good work Insyallah....

mama Luqman

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parents support group

Today when i scroll on the topic autisma in Malaysia ,i found one blog of a parents with autism.2 of his son is having autisme..surelly it is a sad feelings but what the father really concern is the future of this autistic Malaysia there is no such things of proper institutions for this children and institutions for disabled children is very bad under welfare department..once i visited rumah kanak-kanak terencat akal in kuala kubu is really sad and the staff seems over exhausted as the no of children to staff ratio is very unreasonable..maybe parents of autisme should sit together and think about this..if i am still strong at my elderly years and as a professional in medical field i will open an institutions for my son and welcome the others but this need support and courage..may Allah givew me courage and health so my dreams will come true..and hopefully there will be a strong parents support group that think about this.till then

mama luqman

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Be a good BOSS

It is easy to be a boss.I agree with that but to be a boss means to be a leader..therefore good example must be shown furthermore concern on your staff problems is very important.
I have problem with this..having special son i need more time ...sending my son to school ,to therapy it is not easy and i don"t choose these but it is an AMANAH from Allah having this children totally pure white and innocent and they make you smile ........
Sadly my boss did not understand because of the leave i took yesterday she started to grumble and yelling...
But at the end of the day i realized who care about your problems the boss only care her is you and don't bother what your boss say..maybe you should yell back .....

mama luqman

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allowance for OKU student

Today i need to take leave because of luqman therapy day..i just can't manage working and running to pick him up at lunch time from HKL back to Shah Alam and sending to Setiawangsa...I guess because reaching 40's your level of energy and endurance are very much reduce..So with this oppurtunity on leave i meet my son teacher in his Sekolah Kebangsaan.My son attended special class...I was just asking on luqman improvement and thanks to Allah there was a positive answer ...furthermore i inform the teacher on the allowance RM 600 that was bank in for luqman account.The teacher said many of the parents dissatified on the amount 50/month as the government on the 2008 budget talk was saying the allowance increase to 150/month..As usual i am a government officer i accept what is given and agree there is possibility the government need time to implement it especially related to money..but the teacher claim some of the parents really scold her and very mad on the promise governmenet made.....but the moral of the story was, as long we get help for our children ..Alhamdulillah and we must be patientce.
Asking on future autistic children after completed secondary school ..there is none.
Therefore i will keep in mind ,if i have the courage and opportunity i will debate this matter with ministry of health n ministry of education..but till now i am so busy and not working today i still have to prepare educational talk for my staff.

mama luqman

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Party

Today is Sunday and my neighbour ,invited my family for a birthday party.The place is KFC extreme park, a new place.Luqman was so excited as the music is loud and all the song will make him shake his body.He behave well and eat the nugget..very comfortable sitting while watching the other children dancing,jumping following the music.
Each birthday party that i bring luqman along ,for sure make me sad..he just can't behave as the other children despite adequate physical look.That is autism ,sometimes people never understand on their condition as they look well..but on the second thought i thank Allah for what Luqman have as he is well.... only the behaviour and speech issues.
Now luqman attended behaviour therapy 3x weekly and hoping there will be positive outcome.
May Allah help me n my son.

mama luqman

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day with frustration

People should be more aware of what disabled children are ?,facilitating their live to be easier not more miserable.But sadly nobody really care..not the teacher,not the government unless you have them in your family.Unless this special son is your lovely and sunshine son.
Today suppose to be a happy day for all student as this is the first day of schooling for year 2009,but it become the most frustrated day where discrimination for disabled children can be seen.
My son attended special class in this normal school with my maid waiting almost every day..last year there was a room for the carer but this year it has been change to a store..with the chair ,door and all wooden material inside the room..why nobody really bother about special children ,they don t eat as normal child,they don t speak the same language ..but please give space for the carer to help them.If they join the other children surely the others will look at him as weird as a mad person...i have heard my nephew saying my handsome luqman as "gila" so what do you expect when they are in larger group...therefore a privacy room for them to eat with the carer help is important...

I am so sad as no proper toilet for special children..they still need to jump the high stairs squatting toilet ..


mama luqman

Thursday, January 1, 2009


An Approach To Educating Child With Autism

It is in the manner of perception that we can either work our way out of a problem or say that our trip just ended. Many times have we experienced giving up and say in the end that if we only held tight to the rope then we could have risen to victory.
Autism is just the same. Superficially, we may perceive that we cannot find our way to work the problem of our child out. But there are endless possibilities, if only you believe.
It is the way we think that will affect our actions to things. It is the approach we use in determining what will work for us and what will not. It all lies in patience and faith in whatever we do. Just be patient in waiting what truly awaits your child and you. Just be patient and you will find what truly troubles your son or your daughter. Just be patient and your child will be the one to tell you the cure for his or her condition.
Educating a child with autism is deemed next to impossible. If you as a parent believe in that too, you will find that your child’s case is an impossible to handle problem. A child with autism can learn, only in different manners. Your trip cant be over when he cant understand a word you say or he doesn’t get the meaning of what is an “a” or “ba”. Somehow, your role is to find the ways by which he may easily catch up with things.
He learns at his own pace and at his own time. You can’t hasten him to ripen when his time hasn’t come yet. You have to be patient and really take him to the step-by-step manner of educating him. You can’t just say to him things at one time and expect that they already have registered in his mind. If “practice makes perfect idea is true” then this time, believe in it. Your methods on educating your child may not be perfect or the results may not yield out perfectly but at least, the little things you have done to help him learn will make his life a bit more meaningful.
If it is behavior that you are dealing with, then it is best that you modify your behavior too. It takes courage to do just that since we are already oriented with the world of reason. Helping your child would mean defying what is normal. Act childish if you must. That way, you can better communicate with your child.
There is no standard approach to educating children with autism. After all, each child with autism displays a behavior different from that, which is shown by another. The spectrum is too wide that is why there is no way to categorize children displaying autistic features. Nonetheless, it is you who know your child best. You may not know the nature of his sufferings exactly but the compassion you have and your commitment to love will spar you to take your child to newer heights of learning.
He can’t forever stay with learning ABC’s or 123s. Somehow, he has to learn better. But this doesn’t imply that you have to force him to learn.
As you might have concluded by now, a child with autism does not learn in ways similar to that of normal children. This is inevitable since their brain works in ways dissimilar with the normal brain. Add to this the fact that they are impaired with certain behaviors that are crucial in proper learning. Before you can truly go deep to their brain, you have to eliminate barriers such as compulsive and repetitive behaviors that often go beyond hurting their own bodies. (Remember though that they have lesser sensitivity to pain and this would not stop them from banging their heads on the floor or biting their arms 10 minutes straight).
Parent, just believe and ask for the Creator to make miracles for your precious child. And you’ll see, things will go to their proper places when their time comes.

reading this article give inspiration and hope for me..never give up for no matter what the future will be.

mama luqman

parents love

Today is the first day of year 2009.Today is a public holiday therefore life seem to be cool everywhere.There are not many car on the road and easily you can go shopping..but today i don't have any specific programs ..maybe just spending time with my lovely children.
today i went to my eldest brother house and after ringing the door bell his maid show her face and open the big door.but to my surprise a few minutes later she was shouting calling akmal my brother youngest son..she seem so worried calling repeatedly akmal,akmal ,,,,,,,,,,,
my brother was also so shock ,panic run all over the house searching for akmal..but after few minutes the maid found akmal is just at the corner ..he refuse to say any words..
Moral of the story is how precious is our children..i can"t imagine if we do loss them,
i cant imagine sharlinie parents grief of loosing her.
All parents love their children..and with the hope they will also love us oneday.
Now at the age of 40,having kids growing i realized how our parents struggle during our early days with my father earning only 400 /month and my mother is just a housewife.
I love my emak and abah .....hoping my kids will also love me.
My daughter sometimes say i love my special son more compare to them but deep in my heart my love is the same...just that as he is mama special son you think more about him especially on his future ....
To my daughter i love both of you just as your handsome brother.

mama luqman