Thursday, January 1, 2009

parents love

Today is the first day of year 2009.Today is a public holiday therefore life seem to be cool everywhere.There are not many car on the road and easily you can go shopping..but today i don't have any specific programs ..maybe just spending time with my lovely children.
today i went to my eldest brother house and after ringing the door bell his maid show her face and open the big door.but to my surprise a few minutes later she was shouting calling akmal my brother youngest son..she seem so worried calling repeatedly akmal,akmal ,,,,,,,,,,,
my brother was also so shock ,panic run all over the house searching for akmal..but after few minutes the maid found akmal is just at the corner ..he refuse to say any words..
Moral of the story is how precious is our children..i can"t imagine if we do loss them,
i cant imagine sharlinie parents grief of loosing her.
All parents love their children..and with the hope they will also love us oneday.
Now at the age of 40,having kids growing i realized how our parents struggle during our early days with my father earning only 400 /month and my mother is just a housewife.
I love my emak and abah .....hoping my kids will also love me.
My daughter sometimes say i love my special son more compare to them but deep in my heart my love is the same...just that as he is mama special son you think more about him especially on his future ....
To my daughter i love both of you just as your handsome brother.

mama luqman

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