Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parents support group

Today when i scroll on the topic autisma in Malaysia ,i found one blog of a parents with autism.2 of his son is having autisme..surelly it is a sad feelings but what the father really concern is the future of this autistic Malaysia there is no such things of proper institutions for this children and institutions for disabled children is very bad under welfare department..once i visited rumah kanak-kanak terencat akal in kuala kubu is really sad and the staff seems over exhausted as the no of children to staff ratio is very unreasonable..maybe parents of autisme should sit together and think about this..if i am still strong at my elderly years and as a professional in medical field i will open an institutions for my son and welcome the others but this need support and courage..may Allah givew me courage and health so my dreams will come true..and hopefully there will be a strong parents support group that think about this.till then

mama luqman

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