Monday, January 5, 2009

Day with frustration

People should be more aware of what disabled children are ?,facilitating their live to be easier not more miserable.But sadly nobody really care..not the teacher,not the government unless you have them in your family.Unless this special son is your lovely and sunshine son.
Today suppose to be a happy day for all student as this is the first day of schooling for year 2009,but it become the most frustrated day where discrimination for disabled children can be seen.
My son attended special class in this normal school with my maid waiting almost every day..last year there was a room for the carer but this year it has been change to a store..with the chair ,door and all wooden material inside the room..why nobody really bother about special children ,they don t eat as normal child,they don t speak the same language ..but please give space for the carer to help them.If they join the other children surely the others will look at him as weird as a mad person...i have heard my nephew saying my handsome luqman as "gila" so what do you expect when they are in larger group...therefore a privacy room for them to eat with the carer help is important...

I am so sad as no proper toilet for special children..they still need to jump the high stairs squatting toilet ..


mama luqman

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