Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loving Autistic Son

Today just completed book given by my sister in law coming back from Abu Dhabi.Loving Olivia Bringing Up my autistic Liz AstorThe story are similar with other autistic mother searching of way to improve her autistic daughter..anyway the ending words that really touch my feeling ....

she develop a new odd movement with her hand and some facial grimacing..........but she is beautiful and sweet......Each ot these characteristic are what make up..every single bit of olivia ,every single bit of her is autistic,,and every single bit of her i love,just as she is.I have arrived at full acceptance after all.

Teacher and carer all come and go,to them it is just a job..but people like us parents well,we"re in this for life,aren't we?and that's just fine with me.

To reach the level of acceptance is not easy and alhamdulillah i am there but still with hope .

Mama Luqman