Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Allowance for OKU student

Today i need to take leave because of luqman therapy day..i just can't manage working and running to pick him up at lunch time from HKL back to Shah Alam and sending to Setiawangsa...I guess because reaching 40's your level of energy and endurance are very much reduce..So with this oppurtunity on leave i meet my son teacher in his Sekolah Kebangsaan.My son attended special class...I was just asking on luqman improvement and thanks to Allah there was a positive answer ...furthermore i inform the teacher on the allowance RM 600 that was bank in for luqman account.The teacher said many of the parents dissatified on the amount 50/month as the government on the 2008 budget talk was saying the allowance increase to 150/month..As usual i am a government officer i accept what is given and agree there is possibility the government need time to implement it especially related to money..but the teacher claim some of the parents really scold her and very mad on the promise governmenet made.....but the moral of the story was, as long we get help for our children ..Alhamdulillah and we must be patientce.
Asking on future autistic children after completed secondary school ..there is none.
Therefore i will keep in mind ,if i have the courage and opportunity i will debate this matter with ministry of health n ministry of education..but till now i am so busy and not working today i still have to prepare educational talk for my staff.

mama luqman

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  1. To be honest, i don't really care much about the allowence but welcome any move by government to help the OKUs. Like you, my concern is my children education and how they fit into the society as they grow old. So, I thankful that there are many people like you who also concern about these children's future and willing to voice their views and opinions to the government on ways to help them. Btw, I agree that parents must continue to be patient and hope for the best for their children. Insya-allah, everything will be ok.

    Ismail N