Friday, March 13, 2009

My special son circumcision day

I choose a day after Maulidur Rasul 10/3/09 for my son circumcision day.This is done in private hospital under general anesthesia.if you ask me how much including a night stay ..more then 3k luckily covered by my husband GL or if we need to pay only 50%.
Today is the 4th day post circumcision but still the wound not that good..I have difficulty dressing luqman as he will kick me and slapped my maid.However with antibiotic i hope he will recover soon.The stitch is still intact and that is good.... Luqman is my only son and this is my first experience to look after circumcision boy..i took leave for 1 week and hopefully by next week he will be ok.

mama luqman

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