Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doctor's Life

If you ask me ..being a doctor is a correct choice of occupation my answer will be yes once upon a time but not now..for the past 15 years having DR title in front of my name there is so much differences.During previous years patient is more polite ,very minimal questions and respect you for your advice and knowledge but now with "customer always right" being a doctor is so miserable...you have to entertain patient with no appointment once they threatened you..complain will be publish in news papers..the thrill and patience,the joy and happiness being a doctor to give a helping hand fade away. Now you just want to be a doctor for money..at the end of the day you are paid accordingly ..Partly it is a frustration for someone like me..
Does people out there know what is a life of a doctors..seeing patient in the clinic, ward round ,on call and your family...additional burden is like me traveling from shah alam to HKL and having a special son...\Despite being clinician we are managing the department ....
But i do hope people can understand ..we as doctors are human ,especially during this recession the high income start searching for government hospital and there goes never ending problems and complains.. .

mama luqman

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