Sunday, February 22, 2009

Denial stage in Depression

It has been a long time not writing in this blog.As this is my personal blog and no publicity except to my close friends and family members so it is not so important.Today my parents visited me together with my other siblings...I just wanted to share about the questions being ask to me sister claim her friends daughter had delay in speech ,age 5 and no diagnosis being made...I have similar feelings like this before, to accept that you have disabled children in the family is not easy..i use to remember my father say he cried almost every night knowing my" kak Yang "unable to walk anymore...and i still remember the old days my father will bring my sister for treatment either modern medicine or alternative....Accepting something bad is usually difficult especially it is most likely life long but someone must have a strength to face reality of life or not they will ended up to depression.....grief are common to everybody but the acceptence in every individual is so start with denial that is unable to accept followed by anger why me? why us then acceptance but the duration of each phase varies ...Alhamdulillah the grief phase in my life are not soo long maybe because i deal with most of the disabled patient . i accept what Allah has given me as i belief there must be hikmah in everything my aim now is the future of my son to make him functional as possible so he will be independent without burdening anybody,may ALLAH help me and be with me to face this journey insyaALLAH.....
Belief in AlQuran Surah Al Insyirah_selepas kesusahan datang kesenangan

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